Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 5- 9th

We received some wonderful treats these past few weeks! Since we participated in Boosterthon- we won some extremely cool prizes. Our class raised so much money that we received: Chalk day, extra centers, extra recess, PJ day, dance party, and a movie. We also raised the most money out of Kindergarten and were rewarded with an ice cream party!

After our ice cream, we had our dance party. BOY do those kids have some dance moves! They loved turning the lights off and dancing to some Kidz Bop! :) Loved that they had so much fun by raising money for our school. 


How is the year almost half way over?! It is crazy how fast time is moving. Our littles are not so little anymore. They have been doing a fantastic job this year- I am so lucky to have such an awesome class! Recently we have been learning about magnets in science. The kids LOVE this subject. They think magnets are the coolest. The kids were able to explore around the class with their own magnet and figure out which things were magnetic and which were not. We discussed why things were magnetic and even found out that not all metals attract a magnet. 

We also have been working on our writing skills. We learned to sound out our words by stretching them out like bubble gum. When we stretch them, we can hear the sounds in the words. We recently read a book about kindness and decided to light up our classroom with kindness. Every received a light bulb and had to write ways we are kind. Some of the ideas they came up with warmed my heart. They truly are precious. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Week

This past week we learned all about the first Thanksgiving and how different cultures celebrate different things. We learned about how the Pilgrims came here on a boat called the Mayflower and ended up meeting Native Americans that helped them grow crops and hunt. The kids made costumes and got to dress up for a special Thanksgiving lunch at school. 

They were able to choose which costume they wanted to wear- Pilgrim or Native American. 

 We made placemats for our loved ones and used them to eat our lunch on in the cafeteria. 

All week we learned about what we were thankful for. We talked about family, friends, food, shelter, and even how thankful we are for our safety. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016


We have been so busy with learning this month- I have hardly had time to share all the engaging things we have been doing!
First we have been working so very hard on our writing. We started with drawing pictures, using three star coloring, and then moved to labeling our pictures. Here were a couple of cute labeling pieces we created.  

We then learned how to fill in the blank with simple words. We read the book "The Ghosts Dinner" by Jacques Duquennoy. We then created our own ghosts and gave clues to whose ghost it could be. Students had the opportunity to read another students ghost and try to guess from the clues whose it was. They had a blast using context clues and reading simple sentences. 

Then it was Veteran's day and we all created a card to send to a Veteran. We thanked them for their bravery and for protecting us. 

Kids also got to dress up as their favorite story book character! I loved getting to see how creative they got :) 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 20th

Recently we have been so busy with learning! To take a fun spin, we learned about community helpers. Each student had to create a bear around what they wanted to be when they grew up. The bears they created were so cute. They wrote about their bear and even stood in front of the class to present their bear. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

September 19-23

Warning: Apple Overload!! 
This week was "Apple" week and we learned so much with and about apples. 

In the beginning of the week we used our senses to describe apples. We touched, smelled, listened, and looked at the apples first. Then we came up with a bubble map of words we thought accurately described an apple. 

We also cut into an apple and observed all the different parts. We created this cute little tear apple art and then created a brace map to go with it. We broke apart an apple by piece by piece and wrote about it. It turned out adorable and is hanging in our hallway. 

Then we learned about how apples grew. The kids thought it was so neat that Apples first started off as flowers. Did you know the brown star shape on the bottom of an apple is actually the flower that the apple grew out of? Neat huh! 

We even did Math with apples. We read "Ten Apples On Top" By Dr. Seuss and learned how to count forwards and backwards from ten. 

 Each student brought in an apple this week and we ended up graphing all the different types of apples. There were red, green, and yellow apples but red won! 

We did more fun math and science experiments as the week went on. We measured how tall our apples were and recorded our findings. We even got to cut our own apples to make apple sauce!

The kids had so much fun learning about Apples this week and even enjoyed tasting their homemade apple sauce! Told you it was apple overload ;) 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 16, 2016

Dot Day was on Friday! International Dot Day is inspired by the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds. The book helps students to believe in themselves and to help leave their mark on the world. 

Students participated in dot art the past two weeks in art class. Our own Eli was featured on the announcements for his awesome dot art. On the day of "Dot Day" students wore dots to school and were able to create their own dots. They marked their names on their dots and hung them in the hallway for everyone to see. 

We even had a surprise visit from a mystery reader. Our mystery reader this Friday was Mrs. Cervantes- our principal! She had an awesome read aloud for the kids and had a blast interacting with them. Thank you for coming to read to our class Mrs. Cervantes- they adored you :)