Friday, August 26, 2016

August 22-26

Yay we finished our first week of Kindergarten!! It was SO much fun getting to know all of my students and we learned a lot just in the first week. The first day was full of craziness but by the end of the week- they were pro's at following rules and procedures. 

In math we learned how to play with manipulatives correctly and safely. We also learned about to identify and count our numbers 1-10. We worked really closely with numbers 1-5 this week and will be working with 6-10 next week. 

We also learned some of our letters and the sounds they make. We have been working on our handwriting as well. We wrote our classmates names and our names to practice our handwriting. By the end of the year- we will be writing simple sentences!

We also get "Centers" time. Centers is a period of time where the kids get to free play. They let their imagination run wild and it is so cool to see what they come up with. Overall, it was such a great week full of learning. I cannot wait for this year with such an awesome class :)

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