Friday, September 23, 2016

September 19-23

Warning: Apple Overload!! 
This week was "Apple" week and we learned so much with and about apples. 

In the beginning of the week we used our senses to describe apples. We touched, smelled, listened, and looked at the apples first. Then we came up with a bubble map of words we thought accurately described an apple. 

We also cut into an apple and observed all the different parts. We created this cute little tear apple art and then created a brace map to go with it. We broke apart an apple by piece by piece and wrote about it. It turned out adorable and is hanging in our hallway. 

Then we learned about how apples grew. The kids thought it was so neat that Apples first started off as flowers. Did you know the brown star shape on the bottom of an apple is actually the flower that the apple grew out of? Neat huh! 

We even did Math with apples. We read "Ten Apples On Top" By Dr. Seuss and learned how to count forwards and backwards from ten. 

 Each student brought in an apple this week and we ended up graphing all the different types of apples. There were red, green, and yellow apples but red won! 

We did more fun math and science experiments as the week went on. We measured how tall our apples were and recorded our findings. We even got to cut our own apples to make apple sauce!

The kids had so much fun learning about Apples this week and even enjoyed tasting their homemade apple sauce! Told you it was apple overload ;) 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 16, 2016

Dot Day was on Friday! International Dot Day is inspired by the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds. The book helps students to believe in themselves and to help leave their mark on the world. 

Students participated in dot art the past two weeks in art class. Our own Eli was featured on the announcements for his awesome dot art. On the day of "Dot Day" students wore dots to school and were able to create their own dots. They marked their names on their dots and hung them in the hallway for everyone to see. 

We even had a surprise visit from a mystery reader. Our mystery reader this Friday was Mrs. Cervantes- our principal! She had an awesome read aloud for the kids and had a blast interacting with them. Thank you for coming to read to our class Mrs. Cervantes- they adored you :) 

September 15, 2016

All week we have been learning about the five senses. We learned about each sense, which body part aides us with each sense, and even did a couple science experiments. We began our week with going on a nature walk. On our walk we drew things we saw, heard, touched, smelled, and should NOT taste outdoors. 
We came back inside and added more details to our pictures. We then shared our findings with a partner, and the kids loved getting to share their ideas with a friend. 
We then had our first senses experiment with marshmallows. The students touched, looked, smelled, listened, and tasted marshmallows. After each sense- students shared a word they would use to describe the marshmallow. We recorded our describing words before moving on to the next sense. 

Sight and Touch

Then we really got to have fun on Friday with a tasty taste test. Ms. Brierton set up a taste test for each kid to experiment with. We tasted pretzels, hershey kisses, dark chocolate, and lemons. 

The students tasted each item, had to come up with a word to describe the taste, and then had to decide if they liked or disliked it. We discussed how we had taste buds that could taste salty, sweet, sour, and bitter things. 

My favorite was when the kids tasted the lemons. I was surprised at how many actually liked them! I was able to capture some of their adorably sour faces :) 

After a long week, I think it's safe to say the kids learned a lot- but most importantly had a lot of fun learning. 

September 14, 2016

This week we are starting to really get a hang of our routines and procedures. Whenever the students get done early with their work- they are allowed to choose a book and read silently. 

They can read at their desks or in our reading center, but my rule is that they have to read silently while the other students finish their work. We already have some students understanding print concepts such as how to hold a book, point at words, and even attempt to read the words on the page. 

September 12-16

Only a few weeks into school, and we have already learned so much. In Math we have been working on counting, writing, and identifying numbers 1-20. 

We started with Ms. Brierton telling the students a number. They would then have to listen and create that number on a tens frame with cubes. We then moved to Ms. Brierton writing the number on the board. The students had to read the number off the board and create it with cubes on their ten frame. Last, the students worked with their table groups to roll two dice. They had to add up the dots on the dice and then place that many cubes on their ten frame. 

We then practiced how to write numbers 1-10 on our desks with dry erase markers. The kids thought this was the coolest thing. Ms. Brierton would write a number on the board- showing exactly how to write it. Then the kids would practice themselves, and would even help their table mates if someone was confused. By the end of the year, students will need to be able to identify numbers 1-20 and count to 100. You can practice these at home as well :) 

Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016

Our Fun Run is complete!

Way to go my class! woo hoo! We completed the Boosterthon Fun Run this morning and had so much fun! I am so proud of how much money we have raised this week. Our class so far has raised $51 per lap! We have until the end of the weekend to still raise money- so keep on pledging! 

Our class name was Ms. Brierton's Brisk Runners. 

The Boosterthon team had an awesome track set up for the kids to run around. They played music and kept them motivated to run and drink water the whole time. 

Laps were marked on stickers located on the students back. We had amazing volunteers helping out teachers- thank you volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who supported CRE in Boosterthon. Our class did amazing! I will have results next week to see if we were #1 out of the entire school!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016

Boosterthon is in full swing! Boosterthon is a fundraiser that CRE is participating in to raise money. All you have to do is log onto using the school code of 254966, and start earning pledges (money) from friends, family, neighbors, who ever is willing to donate! So far our class is doing AWESOME! Last night we won the challenge os receiving the most new pledges out of the entire school! As a prize all the kids received the chance to spray the Boosterthon team with sill string! They had so much fun and I loved getting to watch them laugh. 

Keep earning pledges this week so that we can be the winning class out of the entire school! Way to go Kindergarten!! I am so proud of everyone!