Friday, September 23, 2016

September 19-23

Warning: Apple Overload!! 
This week was "Apple" week and we learned so much with and about apples. 

In the beginning of the week we used our senses to describe apples. We touched, smelled, listened, and looked at the apples first. Then we came up with a bubble map of words we thought accurately described an apple. 

We also cut into an apple and observed all the different parts. We created this cute little tear apple art and then created a brace map to go with it. We broke apart an apple by piece by piece and wrote about it. It turned out adorable and is hanging in our hallway. 

Then we learned about how apples grew. The kids thought it was so neat that Apples first started off as flowers. Did you know the brown star shape on the bottom of an apple is actually the flower that the apple grew out of? Neat huh! 

We even did Math with apples. We read "Ten Apples On Top" By Dr. Seuss and learned how to count forwards and backwards from ten. 

 Each student brought in an apple this week and we ended up graphing all the different types of apples. There were red, green, and yellow apples but red won! 

We did more fun math and science experiments as the week went on. We measured how tall our apples were and recorded our findings. We even got to cut our own apples to make apple sauce!

The kids had so much fun learning about Apples this week and even enjoyed tasting their homemade apple sauce! Told you it was apple overload ;) 

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