Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016

Our Fun Run is complete!

Way to go my class! woo hoo! We completed the Boosterthon Fun Run this morning and had so much fun! I am so proud of how much money we have raised this week. Our class so far has raised $51 per lap! We have until the end of the weekend to still raise money- so keep on pledging! 

Our class name was Ms. Brierton's Brisk Runners. 

The Boosterthon team had an awesome track set up for the kids to run around. They played music and kept them motivated to run and drink water the whole time. 

Laps were marked on stickers located on the students back. We had amazing volunteers helping out teachers- thank you volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who supported CRE in Boosterthon. Our class did amazing! I will have results next week to see if we were #1 out of the entire school!

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